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We believe that gathering as a community through artistic expression and appreciation are fundamental to our ability to collaborate, grow, and connect with one another. We are dedicated to fostering an environment of safety, consent, mutual responsibility, diversity, and inclusion throughout all our events and partnerships. 


 Everyone has a right to feel safe to express themselves fully through music, art, and dance. We do not tolerate hate, abuse, bigotry or violence of any kind. All our founders and staff are committed to providing safe and accessible spaces and are available to support anyone in need at any event where we are present.

Our focus is on a grassroots, community-driven approach to developing Canada's bass music culture. We prioritize bookings with events, promoters, and venues that champion the representation of marginalized artists on their stages.

We are committed to embodying and actualizing our values within our communities, including both the events that we host and that we provide services to. We follow the following guiding principles to ensure this standard is met: 

  • Any event that we participate in must provide adequate Harm Reduction resources and, where appropriate, first aid. 

  • We will not work with known abusers of any kind.

  • At many events, our position as audio engineers makes us a highly visible first point of contact for event attendees. Our staff on site will provide a safe and open presence to anyone in need. We will always keep an eye out for harmful behavior and respond as necessary. 

  • We will always strive to represent diversity in our own events, and will encourage any events we work with to consider representation of marginalized or otherwise excluded individuals both on their stages and in their organizations. 

  • We will prioritize working with events, artists, and organizers who demonstrate a committment to curating safe, inclusive, and diverse spaces for our commity to gather. 

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